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What is Soda Blasting Blasting?

It's blasting with a gentle touch using advanced paint stripping technology. It can be used to strip paint from virtually any surface.

It's safe to use on;

Carbon Fibre • Stainless Steel • Rubber • Chrome • Brick • Sandstone • Steel • Aluminium • Fibreglass • Glass • GRP • Wood and many more surfaces.

It can be used in or on;

Gum • Graffiti • Industrial Kitchens • Residential Houses & Buildings • Fire Damage • Motor Cycles • Cars • Trucks • Marine • Swimming Pools 

How it works

The process involves blasting sodium bicarbonate again any surface to be cleaned using compressed air to accelerate the soda crystals to a speed of nearly 600mph! Unlike other abrasives sodium bicarbonate particles remove contaminants by means of the energy release. When the particles explode 'crush' on surface contact the non abrasive action allows any contaminant to simply lift off.With other methods the same surface would be damaged by abrasive media. Using soda allows a multitude of surfaces to be cleaned and stripped safely.

Soda blasting also breaks down hydrocarbons through a process called, saponification which makes it highly suitable for cleaning equipment covered in fatty foods or engine parts covered in oil. When you are finished blasting simple rinse and the water soluble soda disappears.

The non-flammable properties of sodium bicarbonate allow it to be used within the petroleum industry, likewise its non-toxic properties also allow it to be used in food processing environments.

To see the effects of soda blasting see our image gallery here

For more robust projects we also offer our tried and tested sand blasting service,

please contact us for details